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Hey Rob…you are the best.
Thanks for the post too.
First…the gravity flow is the right choice. The pressurized bead dispensers are certainly out there…but, generally priced out of the “every day man’s” price range. And..most would argue they’re needed on windy, fast jobs = airports and truck mounted stripers. ( I am sure there’s an argument against that. ) Bottom line…I think you’re doing everything you can and doing it well.
Next…I also use the 321. I’ve also used the 323. Moving more quickly demands wide open gates for the dispenser. ( Mine are kinda wide open most of the time anyway. ( I also know there’s an argument for too many beads. ) That said…I’ve never been accused of using too many beads…!
Next…my best advice is probably…maybe…(2) coats…if you can. I’ve had that called out before. Beads in the second or “top” coat.
Bottom line…again…you’re probably fine on reflectivity…coverage…and down right “putting the pretty on it”.
And…most jobs we do will not require an inspector with the reflectivity gun. I know that may sound bad…as though we’re going to stiff someone…but we don’t. I am a believer in giving more than I get. It sounds like you are too.
Rob, I hope I’ve offered some help.
And…I am thinking every striper in the US would be doing the same = a good job and worrying a bit.
How’s that?