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Good afternoon Dan, this is Stu, from N.Y.. Thankyou first of all for the response! It is a pleasure to get my first question answered by the site moderator! Ha,ha. Your info and link is well appreciated, believe me. I have been in the striping industry for over 36 years now. Although with my age and health, I have had to slow things down some, I still enjoy getting out in the field and getting my hands dirty (or at least covered in waterbase paint). I recently sold a Trantex model handliner and accessories setup due to the fact that I work alone and found it quite difficult to do all the tasks needed by myself such as tending the kettle fire, loading in additional material,etc.. You definitely need more than 1 person to help with that work on those model machines. The Graco Thermolazer Promelt caught my eye where the onboard temp. control is merely set to 420 degrees F and they say can be done by 1 person operation? You are correct with your info about Alkyd and Hydrocarbon material. They CANNOT be mixed so if you start with one type, you must continue with that type until you do a thorough cleanout of the tank,dies, etc.. The Trantex I sold used Hydro. On videos, they show the Graco with bags loaded 1 at a time. The bag is suspended over the melting chambers with what looks to be stainless steel rods? Perhaps in time, I will look to again enter the thermo end of the business while being careful not to put myself out of business by using it in parking lots? Stripers want the painted lines to wear out so the return calls come in! Thermo threatens that? Anyway Dan, I wish to again say thankyou to you for the help! I shall now go to review the link.
Keep up the good work Dan and if I can be of any help to you or others, please don’t hesitate to let me know! It is a pleasure to know you and converse with you any time! Best regards for now, Stuart