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Good Morning Dan~

Doing well, thanks. Mother Nature can lay off though. 7 days without measurable rain in June…ridiculous. Luckily for us that we’ve been able to sustain work with indoor factory/warehouse work. You’re in the Columbus area? Don’t know if you have been getting similar extended April showers. Doubt you remember, but we had breifly chatted after a seminar at NPE a couple years back, when I took an intro to striping…didn’t exactly know that it was SO introductory. Kinda had 15yrs under the belt at that time. I digress.

Yes, they have acetone acrylic, as well as just about any other type of pavement marking paints, thermoplastic, clorinated rubber, solvent based, water based…


I usually don’t get on a soapbox, but in a short time I’ve been wowed by the result of their paints.