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Hello Lee
Let me say a couple things…
1) When I started, I had a very heavy Conventional Machine. That said…those weigh 270 pounds, empty.
I worked out of a van. I just don’t think any kind of suspension work is ever needed.
Also…if necessary…I’d look into a hitch and a small, open trailer. I borrowed a buddy’s.
2) As far as spraying curbs…I’m thinking no. These are sold as Turf Sprayers. The ad shows grass Soccer and Football fields. Also…there isn’t a “Gun”. That means you cannot spray stencils either.
It looks like there’s a spray nozzle attached / screwed / bolted into the 4″ cover.
That said…I do see they sell “Attachments”. One is a spray gun spraying a stencil. Therefore…you can use that to spray curbs…by hand. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to spray curbs from the machine…like an airless can.
Check me on this. The MFG will certainly know more.It might be that the Attachments are only for certain models.
As far as the budget goes…It’s not so much a question as to; “what is best”…it’s more a question of; “tell me what not to buy”.
It’s my opinion that anything below an airless is open to the buyer. I wouldn’t buy a paint roller machine. They just don’t work on lots.
Next…if you pay 3400.00 for a Titan 2850 or a Graco 3400…here’s what to think…
If you stripe 5 jobs at 150.00…that’s 750.00. If you then sell the machine…you can probably sell it to almost any striper …in your town. You’ll get a little more that half; 1750.00…?…2000.00…?
You’ve lost 900.00.
If you stripe 5 jobs and make 1000.00…and sell…you’re down… 650.00.
Here’s more…if you buy something other than an airless…and then try to sell it in a year or two…as a striper…I wouldn’t buy it. But…you may not be out any cash. Maybe you made 600.00 or 700.00…in the meantime.
Lee…it’s now up to you.
As I’ve said…I’m open to almost anything…just to get started.
Here’s what I’d do next…
1) See if Sherwin Williams will front you the cash. Pay them per month.
2) Before that…see if you can line up a few jobs. Try your local places…self standing buildings where the owner is inside. Try a small burger joint, church, coffee shop, barber shop…etc.
If you line up a few jobs…and if SW will front some of the cash…maybe you’re on your way.
I hope that helps some.
Let me know.