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I gonna go out on a limb and assume when you got those brown lines, you used a solvent based paint. Sometimes you can get away with it if the surface temp is hot enough and the ambient temp is warm enough to flash the paint quick. The solvent in the paint will tend to emulsify with the agents in the sealer and draw the sealer into the paint. This isn’t just an issue with new sealer as I’ve been witness to 10+ yr old seal remnants discoloring a freshly laid line, obviously not as noticeable to the ‘untrained’ eye, but affected just the same. Personally I always try to inform the customer that I highly recommend AT LEAST 24hrs before allowing traffic on a fresh seal job, that typically (weather pending) give me more than enough time to get in there and stripe without any worry of tracking with a machine. I abhor leaving those lovely tire width arches between stalls. Not sure if I was of any help, but if you happen to sift out anything note worthy I’m glad I could be of service.