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Hello Brad
Congrats on the Web Site…!
As far as the Sealer stuff goes…I cannot address that.
I did follow a busy seal coater. We striped two jobs per day 6 and 7 days a week…for years.
Mall after mall. Companies, strip malls, restaurants,,,everything.
I would just be there almost the moment they were done and had no trouble with the paint…ever…at all.
That said…the only thing I needed to be careful with was leaving too many tire tracks.
The best advice would come from the seal coat manufacturer. They may not have too much to say about the paint…unless…they manufacture that too. AND…it looks like that may be the case. That’s good news.
Last…other than trial and error…friend…I wish I could help more.
I feel like I let you down. I apologize.
Let me know how it works out. If Sealmaster has a great pair of products…we may all want to know.