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Brad, thanks for your question. a great mix design depends on a couple things. first, what type of sealer you are using? Coal-tar, asphalt based, or a blend? If you are using coaltar, you can cut your consentrate sealer with 30% water to start. you typically would add an additive to the mix a latex or acryile up to 2% should be perfect. as far as sand you should be adding 2lbs. minimum to the sealer and water and additive. depending on your type of agitation system, let it mix well before you apply it. for asphalt based sealers, typically you should stay around the 15-20% range of water addition. and you should add additive of around 1.15% tops as it may thicken the mix too much and you will be forced to add more water. don’t do this as it will break down the asphalt and cause pre mature wear. sand in all sealers are a must for a quality job. i suggest you contact your sealer supplier also for their reccomended mix design. if you need more in depth mix designs feel free to contact me at mark@maintinc.com and i will be happy to further discuss your mix. hope this gives you a little guideline that will keep you in a quality sealer mix design.