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hey Dan,
thanks for the quick reply. gotta a seal and stripe job this friday night,
its a fast food place and we’re gonna do it after hours so youre right about
the “no down time” for my customers. i think the thing thats helping me on selling the
people on the job is doing it after hours so they can get their parking lot back
so they can make more money. i’ve got some other questions also, im gonna check out
you’re book too. i undestand the meaning of “quality” i have a sucsessful landscaping
buisness also and in these tuff economic times, “quality” better be good.

i’ve got more questions, but after i do this job, im gonna go down to Florida and
yank on some snook and tarpon with a fly rod!!!!

Brad, owner

Piedmont Seal & Stripe LLC
Henderson N.C.