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Thanks for your question. The proper preparation for super hot pavement in this type of heat is to cool the pavement down with a fog mist as you are sealing. But if that is not possible, i suggest you add an additional 5 or 10% water to your CoalTar mix design and 1.5% Targel Plus additive. The TGplus has Acryilic base components fortifyed with surfactants and hardners. Coal tar will be better applied in extream heat with TGplus and the addional water. So if you are currently adding 30 % water, you can add the extra water with the additve to insure a proper seal and a harder sealer film. If you are applying an Asphalt based sealer, i suggest adding no more than 5% water and 2% FSA additive. FSA also has an acrylic base fortifyed with drying and hardening features that will assist in reducing the scuffing and tracking in extream heat.You can find a Maintenance Inc. distributor by logging onto http://www.maintinc.com click on distributors. If you should not have a distributor or your sealer manufacturer does not stock our additives, please give me a call and i will direct you to the closest Stocking distributor. Thanks for your question and “Happy Sealing!!”