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Thanks Dan for the post! Much appreciated.

Forum Browsers: Here’s the story…all purchased from Dan this past summer.

Here’s the equipment items with their NEW prices…..again ALL items below were purchased this past summer and are in GREAT shape:
* Interstate Loadrunner 6’x12′ Enclosed trailer ($3050)
* Titan Speeflo Powerliner 4900 XLT Hydraulic Sprayer ($4800)
* Extra Gun/cable for Sprayer (New in Box) (Can be used as a double spray system…or this would be an extra to have on-hand as a spare gun)

* American Striping Stencil Kit #2; 125 mil thick plastic: ($525)
60” Parking Lot Arrow; Straight; (1) Piece
60” Parking Lot Arrow; Curved; (1) Piece
NO PARKING Stencil; 12″ Lettering; (1) Piece
FIRE LANE Stencil; 12″ Lettering; (1) Piece
VISITOR Stencil; 12″ Lettering; (1) Piece
RESERVED Stencil; 12″ Lettering; (1) Piece
NUMBER KIT; 12″ Numbers; (10) Pieces
STOP Stencil; 12″ Lettering; (1) Piece

* American Striping Alphabet Kit; 12″ High Letters, 60 mil thick plastic ($175)
* American Striping Handicap Stencil, 39″ Standard Size ($75)
* American Striping “Mr. Box Kit” (This aids in holding the chalk lines for doing these yourself…) ($30)
* (2) Extra Titan Sprayer Tips New tips that were not used….plus the one in the gun already for a total of 3….)
* 12 ea. – 18″ High Marker Cones ($120)
* 10-15 Gallons of Sherwan Williams Traffic marking Paint (Water Based) (FREE…you can have it)

I’m sure there is an item or two that I’m missing, but you can have it all either way.
Everything new was around $8700+…… If I could get $6800, I would feel comforable with that.

Look it over, and let me know where you are at. It really is a GREAT starter system with everything you would need to hit the ground running with your clients and their parking lots. Oh….I also have American Striping’s Handbook (http://www.americanstriping.com/book.htm) to answer any and all questions you would have about making this work. That is the only resource I used to get started and it was a HUGE help. I will just give you the book. Dan Zurcher himself also is a GREAT resource for guys like us. He is available on the phone to walk you through any questions you may have too.

Call me when you have a chance to look this over. I would really like this equipment to go to someone who could use it, rather than have it sit in my yard. I’m just not going to have the chance to get back into it.

If we need to work on the price, let’s talk.

Thanks for looking! Pics included

David Eggett