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This isn’t quite in line with the topic, but I do have a question. I have been using latex for previous jobs and have gotten the hang of it. I have been asked to quote a much larger job than I’ve done to date.

this job has over 16,000 feet of white, 5,000 feet of yellow, and 13 handicap places. I’m in South Dakota, and the only stipulation is that the job be finished before the snow flies, which, I’m betting will be mid October, this year. What are the major differences between shooting latex and oil, other than cleanup? Would the transition be easy?

I work alone. There won’t be any background to the handicap stencils, but I’m betting that I may have to black out the old one, as the same company has done the job previously. I’ll drive down next Monday or Tuesday to look at it. Would I be better off going to a larger spray tip? I’m not the fastest at painting, for sure yet, and still put a piece of shingle on each start line. I may be getting too perfect, but this one, has over 1300 parking spaces. I would need to move a little quicker. It is 50 miles from here, so could anyone, or everyone that works alone, shoot me an estimate on how much time they would take?