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In my last rant I covered writing a business letter, Now lets take it to another level.
Now that you have searched for every company’s fax number and sent off piles and piles of letters that may or may not have been read its time for a follow up VERY IMPORTANT. Even though you have finished making first contact, parking lot maintenance is not necessarily a 1st priority for companies so sometimes you have to be persistent (Not in an annoying way though!).

You can:
-(property mgmt) Call the main office and ask for the person in charge of builiding/parking lot maintenance
– (paving) Hand out business cards to paving crews
-(Warehouses) Make a flier outlining your services Emphasize the SAFETY/ORGANIZATIONAL aspects of having freshly painted lines

FLIERS make yourself a flier that includes your pitch and some information/stats on line painting
here are a few thing that i found during a quick google search that you can use as inspiration: (apologies in advance if i have listed something from your website)

Professional Line Striping assists your visitors in the safe use of your parking lot.
It directs traffic to the proper route of entrance and exit, allowable areas to park,
loading zones, crosswalks, and defines drive aisles that are wide enough to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians.

Regular painting and sweeping is one of the most important components of a successful business. Studies have clearly illustrated that cleanliness ranks as a top attribute in determining where people shop. So if the parking lot area is not cleaned and not very well maintained
shoppers are deterred and may shop elsewhere.

Upgrade Property Appearance – Customers appreciate a well designed and well marked parking system. The parking lot is the first thing that customers or visitors see.
A freshly painted parking lot can lend an attractive impression to the overall image of your property.
Properly designed parking spaces also maximize the number of cars you can safely accommodate.

Quick tip for EASY Leads. for FREE too!

While searching for Postal drops for specific businesses i came across this website
(http://www.infocanada.ca) **Dont let the *canada.ca* throw you off it also includes USA info**

On this website you can get a list of buisness Names address phone number and owners name(this is a BIGGY) also some additional ifo you may be interested in such as company size gross annual income and employees (if you want to focus your efforts getting in with BIG companies)

Not only that but you customize it. build your list according to type of industry!
Keywords I used: Hotel, Warehouse, Property management, paving and commercial and select all sub categories

Now your probably Stoked that theyre offering all this information…untill you see the “checkout button” yes they do charge for this service and before you say “but i thought you said free…” you can get a list of upto 100 companies for free! it took me 15 minutes to build a list that would have taken me 5 HOURS searching in google and writing the info myself…

NEXT, Use your Flashy new Advertisement and send a personal letter to the Owner of a company use an incentive aswell such as 10% off or ill fix a pothole for free if your job is worth more than…

And Lastly if your on Dan’s american striping mailing list then you may have just got his recent and occasional email that points out an upcomming Expo/convention *Hint hint* Go shake some hands! and get some info.

Good luck Everyone. im off to go mail some letters now 🙂