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Stripe Guy 2
Here’s what I say…
I can’t. There’s no way I can put it into words and there are too many uncontrollable variables.
1) Traffic patterns are different at different places and they may change.
People will cut across a double Yellow Lane Line at a Drive Thru.
Things will wear unevenly…then what do we do? Do I “Re-Stripe” just the worn place?…or the entire job?
2) Winters may be harsher than normal. Salt, Snow Plows and Sweepers all play a part in the “Wear and Tear” category.
I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t.
Next…the only thing I can do is this…I’ll double the price. Call me on the last day…I’ll Re-Stripe it.
Next…the only time we offer any type of a warranty is when we Shot Blast a concrete floor, apply a (2) part epoxy and cover it with a real clear coat.
Then it’s only against wear and tear, not abuse. And it’s only for a year.
Stripe guy 2…this is a deal breaker. Use what ever info I gave…some or all…as the discussion goes on.
Next…the only 2 or 3 times someone insisted…I passed on one, I doubled the price on the other two…so did everybody else. I didn’t get any of the jobs. It’s all good. I got other jobs. I also bid a floor. I was 50% done and they wanted a Warranty. I said no. I’m sorry. I would have offered one in advance if they would’ve gone with the Shot Blasting.
With all do respect…you’ll be called out on the last day to “touch up” the entire job. So…protect yourself…try to help the customer and just tell them. “All I can really do is add to the price.”
I hope this helps. I hope it protects you. I hope it sounds as nicely as I can put it. I don’t blame the customer for asking. It’s all good. No hard feelings.
Did I help?