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Hey dnicholson…yes.
There are several interpretations…
1) Cheap clear coat like the kind you’d spray on a wooden deck. That’s what I was told once. I don’t think that’s what the customer wants.
2) I think the customer is thinking about something that may resemble clear finger nail polish. THe intent is to make it easier to clean and keep the line Yellow.
SO…talk to Glidden. They have a Urethane that’s called…Devthane…? It also has a Converter that comes with it as a kit. 379…?
The nice thing is that the Converter is in a Quart can…not one gallon to one gallon. ( It’s a little cheaper. I know the customer has to buy it all…but still. The mix is 4 parts Urethane to 1 part Converter. )
3) They may also have a one part type too. I think it’s called Devflex…? …or maybe True Glaze…? Check me on those two.
I hope that get you started.
Next…a little over 1 or two years ago…I know it was in June…Akzo-Nobel bought ICI paint…which owned Glidden.
AKZO changed all the ICI stores BACK TO the Glidden name. NOW…all the paint cans say GLIDDEN…!
Here’s my point…if you ask for those brand names or lines…it may be called something else.
Next…buy from the same MFG. SW, PPG…Glidden…blahblahblah…
If you buy a one part Urethane that is rock hard and shiny…or a two part…cool. But…I need to know that the clear coat won’t blister, lift or screw up my Yellow line that I just put down. aaahhh.
Again…I hope that helps.
P.S. If you want to talk about Shot Blasting…I’ve done the work. Let me know.