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Hey Diamond…you’re right…the directions should be modified. You’re not the only person I’ve answered this question for…
1) Find where the piston is going up and down.
It’s behind a little “guard”…looks like a football helmet guard. It’s about 3″ left to right and 1” top to bottom.
The guard serves to protect against getting out fingers pinched while the piston is moving up and down.
2) Take one or both of the screws off the guard to expose the piston. That said…while the engine is off…!
3) Next…there’s this little flat, black, rubber disk that goes all the way around the pistom. Take a small screwdriver and simply pry it up. It will expose a small “cup like” area…THAT’S where the piston lube goes. SO…ad a little bit. THEN…slide the black, rubber disk shaped thing back down. It serves to keep the lube from flying all out. …kinda like the lid to a tupper ware bowl.
4) Then replace the guard.
Next…everytime I do this…I get some leaking and it ooozzzeeesss out and around…no biggee…at least it’s getting lubed.
I hope that helps.
Next…tips…again…try a Yellow Tip that has a designation of 317. If the other is working…cool. But…let me know.
Last…as far as getting to start ans stop…and go straight…that’ll come quickly. Keep practicing. AND…I always focus on right where the paint hits the chalk line. It doesn’t matter to me if you paint on whichever side…but try to focus right where the side of the paint fan…where it hits the chalk line.
Keep in touch.