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Hello Dan, thanks for getting back with me so quickly. Just wanted to get an update on how today went. I spent most of my day looking for a titan tip and had no sucess and bought another graco 527 tip and from my reading knew this was a tip that would be incorrect but they said its worth a shoot. So I came back to the shop and tried the machine again with the old tip which is a 417 and everything worked perfect. I even got to lower the adjustment down to about 6 inches, where yesterday it was maxed out. I must have been doing something wrong. I painted about 20 lines and seemed to turn out nice ( a little wavey). I have been using 15lb. roofing felt paper which I thought would be nice because it has several straight lines already imprinted on the paper. I tried to use the method of lining up the edge of the guard with the outside of the line and did not seem to work well for me, so I put some tape on the cross bar to help use as a reference guide. That seems to work better. I am sure I am not looking in right spot. Anyway I felt so much better that the lines where spraying a 4 inches and still have room to raise adjustment. One other thing is not sure where to put my pistion lube, the directions are horrible in my eyes and make it very unclear how to properly take care of the equipment.

Thanks again,