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Please help!!! I am new to the line striping business due to the fact I could not find anyone to paint lines for several properties I manage, so I thought it might be a good direction for me to follow. Anyway I just purchased a powrliner 1800M with Titan LX40 gun. I went to test everything out and realized that there was no tip included. I called around to locate a titan line tip and did not find any locally. So a rep at Sherwin Williams suggested I put a graco tip shield on and buy a graco lazor line tip being that they are more readly available in my area. So I did just that. I set the machine up, primed it and got ready to paint some practice lines on felt paper, since it has lines on it as well. I installed the shield and tip and started to spray. Everything seemed fine except the line was only about 2inches, so I raised the gun all the way to the top of rod and only got it too spray about 3 1/2″. I believe the tip is a 3517.. I do know that it is a .17 for line painting. I am practacing with an interior latex paint due to cost and sherwin williams gave me a 5 gallon pail very cheap(not sure if this is the problem). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also having a tough time knowing where to start line up the spray to get on my chaulk line. there is no mark or guide..

Thanks so much