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One Of the Greatest things about line striping is you DONT have to wait for customers to come you…do you have your prices set? parking lots are Everywhere…just go and quote! its just a matter of getting the quote to the right person if they take it…Great if not..great, they now know you exist and you will be an option the next time they do want it done and they will want it done eventually!

next write up a business letter, this will have your picture and contact information on it as well as an introduction to your business and description why you are a better choice than the other companies after that FAX it to EVERY property management company every Realtor every condo building, paving crew, warehouse building and heck even the municipalities parks department! Your name is now OUT THERE but then the question is how many people actually read faxes…and the answer is….few…so follow up (Thats very important)!

Lawn signs…are…a thought, i use the website signsonthecheap.com and i got 100 for 100$ +delivery.

Networking is PARAMOUNT become a face of your industry. shake hands with people who may need your service and become an expert at what you do so they will come to you when they have a question!

You know what having an ad in the phone book costs? for me its about 1k Per MONTH and nowadays most people will google you before cracking a book to look you up so i say dont waste your money till you have the money to waste.

INVEST in a website, make it easy to read and understand aswell as offer FREE information and tips making you look like an EXPERT which is important in an industry full of micky mouse outfits. look into SEO optimization chalk full of keywords that your customers will be searching.

Theyre are MANY more things you can do to for marketing and i will possibly post them later but the most important thing above else is just GO AND DO IT! Be the person that goes out to find the work and not just sit around waiting for the work to come to you, Do this and you will NEVER have a slow day! what a thought eh!?