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…the forum world we say…hmmm…but…
Sport…we’ve never met… I don’t know you. If you want to ride my coat tails…ride my coat tails.
If you have an opinion for every post…offer it. But if you want to stalk my name…

To the rest of you…if you want to buy another tip…try it. I sell them. But I don’t want to sell them. Just go to SW or PPG or Glidden and ask for a discount. You probably get one anyway. That’s the best way…quickest way…easiest way.
But…if you do…
1) Save your stencils for last. If you switch tips every time you pass a stencil…it’s time.
2) If you choose to go this route…make sure the tip that you remove gets tossed into water or the appropriate cleaning agent. You don’t want the paint…inside the tip to dry…when it’s in your pocket.
3) When I spray a 12″ NO PARKING…I spray in such a way that covers the “N” in one pass. Spray top to bottom. Spray at a height that allows the Left side of the “Paint Fan” to hit just to the Left side of the “N”…and the Right Side of the “Paint Fan” to hit just to the Right side of the “N”. There aren’t “overlapping marks”. With a “spray” tip though…I’d be more concerned that the outsides of the letter isn’t covered with enough paint. The “middle” might be. Then you may have to hit it again.
( AND…you don’t need to buy my video either…it’s all here. )
4) As far as spraying an Arrow…I’m not sure anyone changes a tip just for these. We hit them so many times…the customer is happy…they last…etc. The only time you have any “overlapping” is when you don’t put enough down in the first place. ( Like one, thin coat. ) And…nobody puts down “not enough”.
5) As far as STOP Bars go…yes…you’ll see the “Overlap”. But…I don’t switch tips. Spray (5) 5″ lines…OVERLAPPING to get the 24″ Stop Bar…blahblah. ( You won’t get the sharp edges here…that you need…with a “Spray Tip”. )
Then…if you want…take the gun out of the cradle and spray 90 degrees to the lines…a second coat…and mitigate the look.
5) As far as quantities go…I don’t get hung up here. Pretend the lots is yours. I sprayed a late night large job. I stopped several times to look closely at the “coverage”. I was giving plenty. BUT…I’m not broke either. In other words…I did not miscalculate volumes. Jobs are different. Some are over seal. You may get 400′ per. Some are over asphalt older than all of us. It’s rough. I’m not going to even think about trying to get 400′ per. What I’m going to do…is pretend the job belongs to my Dad…or a buddy…or you. I’ll make sure you have great coverage. Give coverage. That said…when the job is done…check how you did. I’m always close or even closer = right on.
Keep your money in your pocket. I use Striping Tips. I passed 1000 jobs…last century.
See ya.