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Ok so we knew it would eventually happen. Dan and I have a different opinion on something,.. kind of… I do agree that when striping use a “striping” tip. If you are stenciling use a standard tip if you care to change it out. The optical shaped spray blends the overlapping.

Waterborne paints and Oilborne paints have different size of “grind” or particle size. A waterborne paint generally has larger grind than that of oilborne. That larger particle size restricts waterborne paints from properly passing through tips with smaller orifices. Example is that oilborne paints can pass through 13,15 and 17 tips. But a good waterborne starts at 17. We recommend no tip smaller than a 17 but preferably a 19 to reduce tip clogging issues. Dan appears to use the larger size tips on everything so that is probably why he does not distinguish the difference.

A further tip on tips… change regularly. You will find yourself having to raise your gun over time to maintain line width as the orifice blows out. If this is the case understand that you are now using substantially (up to 85%) more material. See more tips on tips in our catalog.