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First let me confess that I sell sealcoating machines. But know that that is not the intent of my response. I have been in the sealcoat supply and contracting industry for 20 years now and I will simply share my experience. Yes the basic components and assembly of a sealcoat machine look to be pretty simple for a person that is skilled in welding, plumbing and hydraulics. I have seen many folks build their own machine. I see two types of people that do this. One is like you, a newby in the industry that is deceived by the seeming simplicity of the equipment. The other group is someone with many years in the industry that builds one or two a year. Most of those in between buy them from a reputable mfg. Why? Well i can best explain it this way. I buy more than a dozen machines a year from one of those reputable mfg’s. It is highly unusual to get one in that has not had some type of change to it. These machines are ever evolving. If you build one yourself you have a big (very big) learning curve ahead of you. These good manufactures are getting input from some of the most experienced sealcoaters in the industry and improving the machine on an ongoing basis. My recommendation buy it, don’t build it. But know that is one man’s opinion! 🙂

Greg Driskell
Professional Pavement Products, Inc.