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Hello Stripe Guy 2
Here’s how I went about it…
Be careful…but I allowed my pump to run a little dry. Don’t allow that for days on end. Just enough to force the small amount of water, still inside the system, to pump out. Then, I just started sucking Oil Based Paint. The paint came through…I was good to go. It can be that easy. I’m glad you’re asking…continue to be someone who wants to know if there’s something he’s missing or if there’s some way to accomplish something more easily…but…here?…you’re good to go too.
Another example is this; I sent my machine into the shop. I got it back…and they ran Kerosene through it. I either forgot or didn’t think about it…I just stuck my siphon tube into the water based paint and it began pushing the RED…!… Kerosene into my other water bucket. Oh well. My point here is this…you don’t really have to “evacuate” to the state of “vacuum” the inside of your machine before introducing Oil based…from Latex…or vice versa. I’m fine. My machine is fine…I did have to dispose of the Kerosene differently than disposing to good ol’ water. But…it’s all good.
Last…keep an eye out for the Thinner when you’re switching. You ‘ll see it. Let go of the trigger…or quickly switch to spraying into a different bucket…keeping the water and Thinner separate. That way…disposal may be easier…and you might be able to re-use the Thinner sometime.
How’s that?
I hope I helped.
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