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Well Dan covered your issue quite well. I have significant expertise in thermoplastic and paint products, equipment and application. About 21 years in the industry on both the supply and contracting end. The only things I would add is …

Thermo Suppliers – Sherwin Williams (local), Crown Technologies (Georgia), Ennis Paint (Texas), Swarco (Tennessee) I have sold or used all of these. Many contractors have their preference for one or the other. But it usually comes down to price and availability.

Getting into the business – The best handliner out there is the units sold by American Striping Equipment out of Georgia (Dan mentioned their Featherlite). You can contact Tom Waxler (the owner) tell him I sent you to him. If you can get through his brashness, he is the guy to help. Yes I sell his equipment but I have also sold about every other brand through my years. I even built them for a while. I wont go there though!
However you should consider preformed thermoplastic for smaller thermo jobs. It is quick, easy and no big upfront costs. But know that the material cost is much greater than extrusion (Handliner applied). I teach this stuff in my Thermo 101 course. I believe we are scheduling one as a webinar for next month. The cost is nominal. You are welcome to contact us for more in depth info and assistance.

I apologize to all if this sounded like a commercial. But understand that I am here to help whether you do business with me or not. I get a charge out of helping out!