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Thanks, again, Dan. The outlet in the Twin Cities is Al’s Taping Tools. He doesn’t have a 2800M in stock, but I guess Titan has a warehouse right in Minneapolis. As far as not getting a 4 inch line with the KC, it may have been the cheap latex I was trying to use. Ace Hardware had a franchise close up, here in Watertown. I picked up something like 30 gallons of latex and oil paint of 3 different colors. (y, w, Blue). I only tried white latex. (I have some 2-3″ stripes in my driveway) I may stripe the inside of the garage. The garage is heated, and the floor needs painting anyway. Now with all leaks fixed, it may work better. I also, may not have had the gun high enough up the pole. I only paid $5/gallon and figured, if push comes to shove, I might just roll the paint on a couple of poles or stencils, to use it up. Who knows, maybe it will spray now. There were a couple of lines that spattered, and a couple that dripped. I can’t remember now, whether the machine would hold enough pressure to keep moving. I’ll try again. The gun I have is supposed to shoot both types of paint, and the tank is a 7 gallon stainless steel tank. I had talked a couple times with Kelly Creswell. The guy is not there anymore, the replacement isn’t nearly as good to work with.

I see Binks 2001 on the internet ranging from $230 to $432, all new. That is quite a range. I’m leaning more towards, just biting the bullet and getting a new machine. Heck I’ve already invested in an enclosed trailer. Business cards should be done this week, and I’ll finish with the contractors license and sales tax license.

Yes, South Dakota does have Mt Rushmore, and the Badlands, but they are on the western side of the state. Watertown is 35 miles from Minnesota. Walleye and perch fishing are good on this end of the state, along with pheasant, dove, partridge, duck and goose hunting. OK deer also. Mostly farmland this on this end.

Going to the expo sounds like a good place to go, to get out of this cold for a while. I’ll need to think hard on it. It’s in Nashville?