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Hello Arcee
The 4″ wide topic bothers me. It should easily produce a 6″ line.
Have you contacted Kelly? Xenia OH. 1-800 number?
I’d get the type of gun and tip info ready.
Next…I use around 25-40 lbs on the paint and 40-50 on the air.
Are you getting good atomization? ( Is it a good spray…or slobbery? )
And remember…paint is thicker than water.
No…it’s the Binks 2001. ( I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the year. )
Next…hoses…I had 15′..?..once. But…they draped all over the handle bars…in my way…kinda.
I also had 6′ hoses. AND…every time I sprayed a stencil…I had to move the machine. Too short.
I think I now have 8′? 10′?
Next…Titan vs. Graco. I have a letter from Graco explaining that they have 90 Engineers compared to their competitor’s assumed 5…( I forget the rest of the email ). It sounded like overhead. That said…there are loyal Graco followers. And…I tried to become a Graco Distributor…twice. And…I own a Graco, I would still become a Distributor if “all the stars lined up”…etc…etc…but…I also have many people loving their Titan. Keep this in mind… you won’t outgrow the Titan 2800 or the Graco 3400. Neither will become a boat anchor. You decide. Either decision is fine.
Next…all Titans…and I’m guessing ALL Gracos get shipped from the plant. Unless the Distributor has one in stock.
(But, then you may have to pay sales tax if you’re in that state…and his shipping to get it there…to him…maybe. Check me on that.)
So…it kinda depends on where you are from the MFG plant…WI or MN…not the distributor…unless again he or she has one in stock. Either state is still close to you.
Next…as odd as this sounds…I refer my sales to another guy. I don’t mind being a Distributor for someone but, then I’d like them to be a Distributor for me. Many times it’s not a two way road. And that’s ok. Anyhow…He owns a big site. He sells a lot of stuff. And maybe he’ll throw in a stencil.
And…even at 25 below, South Dakota sounds too cool. ( No pun intended. ) You have the Badlands, right?…and MT. Rushmore. It’s beautiful country.
Keep in touch.