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Dan, thanks for your reply. I have played with the Kelly in my driveway a couple months ago. I couldn’t get a 4 inch stripe. I am looking forward to trying again. I had several air leaks, and a paint leak also. I am hoping that fixing these will fix the problem. I have taken everything apart except the gun, itself. I like the way the Kelly rolls, but it is definitely heavy. Is it the Binks 2011 that I should pickup, for a stencil gun? How long do you think the hoses should be? I think there may be a market for other kinds of painting that the Kelly make work for.

Why the $500 difference between Titan and Graco? It looks like you can add a line driver to the Graco, but not the Titan? Right now I have 3 different places that are offering the Titan 2800M for between $2899 and $2999. That is a delivered price, so freight is included. One place gives you a teeshirt, another gives you 2 different tips, and the closest is in the Twin Cities, so would be next day delivery. You can sell the Titan for a similar delivered price? If so, I’d probably go with you. You’d probably be 3-4 days away.

I am thinking that I should probably just bite the bullet, buy the Titan, AND the Binks gun/hose for the Kelly.
I haven’t considered the trade show, but it may not hurt to get out of this cold weather for a day or two. It hit 25 below zero, in South Dakota last night.