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I have the Kelly Creswell HDC and have been working on it this winter. I have all the air leaks fixed and would like to try it out, but the weather probably won’t allow it until April. The gun on the striper is supposed to shoot both latex and alkyd. I had to overhaul the carb, and the compressor is in good shape. I have no hoses or gun for stencils. They did not come with the machine.(as bought on Ebay) Would a HVLP gun work for now? I don’t think I could make it shoot latex, but maybe alkyd.

Secondly, your book does a good job of pros/cons on airless/conventional. I’m currently out of work, so am struggling on whether I should just go ahead and buy the 2800M. I can get one delivered for under $3000. Maybe I could save money on buying a stencil gun/hoses for the Kelly? I’m looking for some input. Do you think that I could get by with just the conventional, and buy a stencil gun/hoses, or do you think I should just bite the bullet, and get the Titan here and ready.

I would like to make it a fulltime adventure right away this summer, but would have to put a pile of customers onboard in 3 months.