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Hello Sealcoat.
I am sorry for the delay.
I’ve used a “Conventional” for 17 years. Love it. Maybe Jim at http://www.jclequipment.com has one.
That said…we can talk. I still have mine. I don’t use it as much any more. But it’s totally kept up and updated.
I still love it.
Next…you mentioned Binks. I’ve had a Binks 21 too.
Now…make sure the Pet Cock Valve just at the botton of the tank is closed.
Bleed all air.
Disconnect the paint line at the GUN.
Next…get pressure on the paint tank. I know you have water in it.
Point the Paint Line away and into a bucket.
SLOWLY open the Pet Cock Valve at the bottom of the tank. Water should come flying through the line. Then shut it off.
If this happens…we now know that water is reaching the gun…and I would suspect that the gun is either malfunctioning or clogged.
OR…the air actuator is not allowing the gun to open.
One thing at a time…
Let me know.
P.S. I have a (3) Part Series on these machine on my site too.
Let me know.