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I’m a striper. I really have no clue…but…I was waiting for a seal coat crew to finish a small parking lot.
Then the “Wand” guy lifted the wand so high…then the wind kicked in…and I saw it…the spray hit a little Mustang.
I thought the girl was gonna cry. It wasn’t too bad…but the owner surprised me…( of the Seal Coat crew. )
He went to her house and used that waterless hand cleaner. The kind every mechanic uses. Not the kind with GRIT…! The water less kind. GoJo? AGAIN…not the kind with GRIT…! They sell it in every Auto Parts Store.
He said it came right off.
If that’s an answer…great. If I helped…cool. If not…I’m sorry. But I had to share it.
Let me know.