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Hello Anthony
…don’t forget…with Pressure Washing…you’ll have WET Cleanup.
Also…there is a way to “blast” off the old paint with something like “Baking Soda”.
I had one client in 17 years ask me to do what you are being asked to do.
I found a Sub and just bid the job. THe clean up was on them. THe “Baking Soda” was Environmentally friendly…and apparently…it just swept up…or vacuum.
Next…I do tell almost everyone…”I wouldn’t paint curb or Wheel Stops = Bumper Blocks. The paint will not hold. It’ll “Pop” off instead of wearing of. Then it’s ugly.
Next…I have a Video on my site explaining “Indoor Paints”. I’ve used Yellow Sealer on a floor of a Hospital Parking Garage. The area was 60′ x 36′. (2) coats…hand applied. AND…it is a tight “turn around”. Guess what…? It’s still going strong.
Anyhow…I never got the “Soda Blasting” job. I find people won’t pay the price. But…give them a bid…with an Option.
Option 1) Hand scrape the worst areas and reapply paint.
I hope this helps.