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Hi Don,

Try Google Earth.


It’s like having your own helicopter!

Fly over your area and scan for the types of jobs that suit you best, then go evaluate them in person.

Look up the building managers or owners and give them a call to set an appointment, or mail them a proposal. One handshake can start the ball rolling.

Try putting an ad on Craig’s List. I checked Albuquerque Craig’s List in “services”, for Parking Lot Striping and found no listings. You may have it all to yourself for a while.

The best way to make money fast is to find a “gatekeeper” or two. Sealcoaters, pavers and sweepers can keep you very busy. Check the yellow pages, make a few calls and ask if they have any striping jobs for you. I have found that they often don’t have time for the smaller jobs and are glad to sub them to a smaller company (I am a one-man show). This technique can also get you introductions to plenty of property managers, owners etc. One thing leads to five others…

Beware though, you will be working on their schedule not yours.

Tip, Vista Print online is the place for business cards. They are cheap, fast and in color. Check their “Free” cards. They look great and only cost about $5 bucks for shipping.

Most importantly, choose jobs that let you put paint on the ground with minimum hassle. For instance, churches are empty during the week, minimal traffic control, just close it and paint. Also office buildings in the evenings after hours are usually fairly quiet.

As compared to apartment complexes and shopping centers. Always plenty of cars in the way, lots of traffic control & watching your back. Angry customers, tenants and business owners. Lazy or busy managers that won’t or can’t help. You get the idea.

You can charge more for the hectic jobs, but it’s just not as fun or as easy.

So, best of luck to you. Now go paint something.

Charlie / Freedom Striping Company

Denver Colorado