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The telephone book is only one of many ways to promote your business. You first need to develope a very simple marketing plan and determine how much money you have to spend. Residential and commercial clients require totally different marketing methods.

Lets start with the residential market. Coupon mailers like Val – Pak are a very good way to reach large numbers of potential clients for a reasonable amount of money. Inserts in local news papers, on line ads, and direct mail through the postal service are also very effective ways to market to residential clients. Rememeber the most effective marketing requires multiple mailings.

Target specfic neighborhoods and make sure that you put up a job sign after completing every project. Know matter what you do, or how much you spend on marketing, you will not get a return on your investment unless you follow-up on every lead that comes into the office. Do not just send a proposal and walk away.

Participation in home and industry specific trade shows is also a very good way to get your name out there. Talk to companies that work with commercial and residential clients and see if they would like to develop a working relationship. Lawn care companies, landscapers, pest control, pool service, and cleaning companies may be open to some sort of joint marketing program.

To open the door to the commercial market you need to work with management companies and home owner associations. This also requires purchasing mail list and conducting a direct mail campaign. You can also join professional associations, as a vendor, and get involved in trade shows and other net working opportunities.

You do need a web sit.