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Hi Guys,

Here’s how I do ADA Blue & Whites.

I use a 300′ cotton clothes line on a reel and carpenter’s chalk (it looks like half a moon) in my hand for all my snapping, just drag your line through the chalk as you unreel it. Get a helper or a bigfoot on wheels to attach your line to.

1. Snap the backups, (across the ends of the stall lines). You need to do this anyway so it’s not extra work.

2. Measure and tag the center of the stall on your backup line.

3. Measure and tag the height of your stencil at the first and last stall line.

4. Snap the line across all the stalls.

5. Put your stencil down at your center mark and trace each side with your chalk.

6. Roll it with a roller on a broom handle. Keep a five 1/2 – 3/4 full with blue paint. Leave the roller in the paint forever. When finished, unscrew the handle, replace the lid and you’re done.

7. When dry, throw down your stencil and paint the guy in the chair.

8. I like to paint the white border just like on the posted signs. I do all the tops and bottoms in one pass, then go up and down each side. Zoom!

Keep your pail close to the chalk line so any drips fall inside the square.

If it will be just a few, center the stencil and trace the whole thing instead of snapping.

The only reason for spraying blue is if you have blue lines to paint. For that I use a separate tank on my conventional machine. I never switch colors.

If it’s over new asphalt, do two coats as the paint can sometimes lift the oil from the asphalt when you roll. The second coat will cover it and it’s needed on new stuff anyway.

This method is fast, easy and looks great.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here’s the order of the job.

1. Paint the center lines on all your double bays first so they can be drying.

2. Layout the ADA’s and hash areas.

3. Paint the hash areas and stall lines around your ADA’s so they can be dying. You do not want tire tracks on your nice new blue.

4. Paint the blue.

5. Go do your head in stalls. Then the double bays.

6. Come back and finish the ADA’s.

Cool, Charlie