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Hey Raymond
Yeah…I don’t want to conclude after one season…but I know why I like my hydraulic. Maybe I could trade it in. But…I got some kind of run around when I bought it…afterwards I mean…and never received my Graco Dollars. Like I said…oh well.
I’ll tell you what else…my pump toggle switch is bad. If I shut the pump off…it may not come back on.
I think I’m going to wait for the Auto Layout. Most of my work is layout…but I don’t see the same kind of job repeating itself so many times that it would warrant buying an Auto Layout. Maybe one day. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.
Now…all that said…I have an older Graco Driver. It was used when I picked it up. I don’t have any complaints.
As far as the paint?…I loved the Alkyd. SW now boasts Acetone…but that takes Toluene or MEK or Naptha? = 12.00 per gallon and more up where you are. Then there’s the waste issue…or we just don’t clean the airless. I do clean out the tip and turn it 90 decrees. Anyhow…I use my HRL for the Alkyd and I use the airless for Latex. Some say Acetone will “pit” the inside of a tank unless it’s Stainless Steel. That adds 1100.00 to an HRL. I’ll wait and see. And there are other companies = paint companies saying they have Alkyd. Either they’re wrong or…? I’ll buy it.
If you do ever use Acetone…a buddy of mine had a couple days of clogging. He thought it was the actual Acetone in the paint eating the old alkyd deposits still in the machine.
I’ll let you know if I wear out my 3900. Poor thing. I do want to look at their Thermo Hand Liner.
Se ya.