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Hey again dan!

you seem to be the only one answering me so i will devote some time to this forum thing! ha ah ah 🙂

Ok, i have a mechanical 3900. i dont really like them because of the obvious reputation they have aquired over the years. ie electic clutches breaking, rebuilding the pumps… yearly. so i like the hydralic 200 hs’s. they are a heavy duty machine that i find are nicely balanced. expecialy with a driver. 3900’s and 5900’s tend to be top heavy with a glass bead dispencer. all of our units have them for municipal work.

now, the bigger tip issue.. (0.21? i put that in a one gun mechanical machine for doing stop bars, crosswalks…, and a 0.23 for 200 hs one gun)i find that when you use bigger tips, you should crank up the pressure right? i see alot of guys up here do that… and all you see is hourglassing, and worn pumps. because they are working the piss out of them! ha ha thats why we get the the 200 hs for high perfomance road work. now if you are doing smallER work… then your fine i think, two guns… smaller tips… slower speed.. 🙂
you have a driver? i like the new 2009 models. there Faster!! …big wide comfy tires, so your kindnies arent the suspension! and the drink holder to boot!

Autolayout…..900$ (CAN DALLAR) for all of them… for us i think??? when i layout a parking lot i still do it by hand. we get them for laying out streets, and skips and sometimes long rows of parking stalls. i use a chalk line across the begging of the stalls then i use the auto to layout the spaces… like they are good for simple things.. saving ur back. if the ground is even then it should be fine. if the guy is inexperienced .. then i snap a line from the two dots to make it a razor line… which like you, as i seen on your video… i like my lines to be lined up and uniform… the only way to be!

for many many years all we used up here was alklyde. now we used both waterborne and oil. some municipalities stipulate water or oil. but we can apply both. we find that they are going… “GREEN” so water is the future up here. i have never used Ascetone… what solvent do you use for that?