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Too cool. I’m willing to bet the reason you have soooo many hours on your Graco is because it’s Hydraulic.
I have a Hydraulic Titan. I love it. Wanted another. Sherwin Williams offered me a Graco 3900 Mechanical for $3500.00. I hated the fact that I had to buy it. But they’re good people and they were stuck with it…though I never did get my Graco Dollars! Oh well.
I’ve now used it. It seems to “dry pump” every few weeks or so. I was told that when I get my Graco Dollars that I should use them to purchase another Fluid Section. That way if it fails…I can quickly swap out and keep on the job. No…I’m not out of paint…no…the rock catcher isn’t completely blocked with “paint skins” giving the pump a false reading that it’s out of paint. Yes…I clean it. All that said…It works well. But…I was worried on the last 23,000′ Center line. I was riding and hoped it could keep up at 3 MPH and 2200 lbs of pressure. Well…it did… I know I could’ve put more pressure on it and gone with a bigger tip…but when I start “flying”…is when I screw up…especially when the old centerlines aren’t very pronounced. Over all…I was fine. Here’s my question to you…would you chance using 2 guns at 2200 lbs. and a .021 tip and ride…with a Mechanical Pump? Or…would you pull out the Hydraulic Unit?
1) $900.00 to install an Auto Layout? On any unit? A 3900M?
2) Can you keep the “Tail Ends” of all your stripes in line?…when you’re “Laying Out” at the 9′ Dimensions?
3) Do you use any snapping after the “dots” are sprayed?
4) Raymond, you mentioned Toluene. Do you use Acetone Based Paint? Or can you use Alkyd.
Hey, see ya.
By the way…I’ve been to Canada with my Dad as a boy. Those are memories I’ll never ever forget. Lake Knobsing…fishing…2 weeks. He took me out of school…twice. Caught my biggest Walleye and still have the picture…right here.
See ya.