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Shoal Creek…that makes sense.
The HRL-1 worked for me. And…I didn’t change out the interior of the stencil gun. It’s a Binks 2001. I did try an air cap that had the little pin holes in the sides…to fan and atomize the paint upon exiting the gun…but they weren’t needed. I simply went back to the original “set up” that the gun came with…including the Air Cap…which has no pin holes…and all was well. I believe it’s because the original set up is for thick striping paint. The paint I had going through the system was house paint = smoother and more than likely thinner. The gun did fine and I wasted money on the other interior “set up”.
The compressor never stops. The frame…see my video…both the explanation part and Part 3…where I start it up…fills with air and when a certain pressure is reached a relief valve “pops off” allowing the pressure to drop and then rebuild. Well…the compressor never stops…the frame fills almost immediately…and the air supply is constant…between 60 – 80 lbs. Shoal Creek…it’s always enough to atomize the paint…and again…especially if I’m right…in that…the Primer and Oil based paint are probably thinner and even easier for the HRL-1 to spray.
Shoal Creek…search out what is best for your company plans. If I can quote you a price on the HRL-1…cool. We’ll build it just like you need it…probably just like mine. I’ll even throw in a stencil.
Let me know if I can help.