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Hey Shoal Creek
Honestly?…here’s what I’d do.
I wouldn’t spend $4000.00 on a conventional for one job.
That said…I would keep it all in mind.
If I lived in a Four Season climate…and I do…I would own one…and I do…wish I had two…will one day.
(How’s that for a sentence?)
I would bid the job. Buy a different tip for that type of painting = specifically for “Painting” not “Striping”.
The fan is different. The spray is dispersed differently so that you do not have twice the thickness on the overlaps. (Striping tips assume no overlapping…though we all do it for Stop Bars etc.)
OK…spend $40.00 for the different tip. Create waste cleaning. Store it or use it up somehow.
That said…if I saw a repeated need for Oil Based or Acetone Based etc…I would seriously look into a Conventional. But…that’s me. Many crews simply buy another Airless…dedicate it to a color and type of paint and then?…never clean it.
Let me know how it turns out.
P.S. I’m thinking that the Needle, Fluid nozzle and Air cap…(you may not need a different Air cap)…for the HRL-1, may cost around $30.00 each? I’d buy the $40.00 painting tip.
P.S.S. I did use my Conventional years ago to paint my neighbor’s house. It was the same color. We didn’t cut anything in. It went well. Then I used my Airless to paint my sister’s house. It also went well. So the over all answer is yes…you can use these to do other things.
Keep in touch.