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Hey Shoal Creek 249
Hit me up on my site.
My shop number is there.
On the paint…Sherwin Williams or PPG should easily be able to answer = if they won’t sell it or don’t sell it…it’s not legal anymore.
In OH it’s the Waterborne and Acetone.
I can’t even buy Alkyd. So…that makes it easy.
The 8900 is a great steal. I paid $3500.00 for a 3900…and a few readers couldn’t get close to that…especially if it’s in the store = no shipping charges to add on! I love my Titan.
Here’s a weird question…how used is it? It may be one of those situations where someone ordered it…tried it…can’t make it…blah…blah.
Make sure it isn’t too good to be true…take a look at it…decide.
Call me…we’ll talk…and let me know how it works out.