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Hey Striper Ed…how are you?
My answer?…the first way. Put down an 8″ black line…then a 4″ on top.
Trying to spray a 2″ line is difficult enough…let alone perfectly beside an existing 4″ line.
I’m guessing this is a concrete parking lot? I see these. I’ll bet then the arrows will also have a black border around them.
I think it’s because some well intentioned engineer or architect thinks…hey, you can’t see paint on concrete.
My only advice is this…
1) I find that a good latex works well on concrete.
2) Alkyd turns a lovely orange when applied to freshly installed concrete. That may not occur though, since the black is there first. This may also be a reason for the black. But…then again…the stores I see use white on top of black…and again…it’s on concrete.
3) Don’t be afraid to bid it right. Black costs more. Buy it in single gallon cans. Open each can only as you have need. Then…return the rest. Maybe keep some for some unforeseen mistake you must “black out” on a different job.
4) Maybe…just maybe…you can spray a 3″-4″ border around an arrow…that you own. But if you must cut new stencils…add the complete cost to the job. Odds are…you’ll never use it again…you decide.
5) Bid it right. Time…paint…switching colors…hand painting…new stencils…
All that said…I hope you get the job.
Let me know.