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Dang it!…I missed this post…but for all readers…I answered Mike the day he posted..from my email.
I just didn’t see that it was also posted here. Again…I apologize.
Here’s what I wrote to Mike…
$20.00 per hour will attract almost anyone. The trick is this…he or she must represent you.
He or she must not be in it for the money only. They must be a person that really enjoys making the job look sweet…while staying inside your budget.
And…can they work well with clients? Can they represent you?
Next…the good news is this…just like anything, you’ll start relatively small. You’ll learn it. You’ll need a helper.
That gives you time to find the right person…quietly. And…odds are you’ll know it soon…then bump the wages up.
If you’re lucky enough to have someone already to go…good for you. But most of us don’t.
A friend of mine…( a striper) had his college son bring some buddy’s along…a few years have elapsed…now his son runs a separate crew. He, (the son) just bought a cool house down the street from me. Pay him well.
Keep in mind though…I’m not the authority here…on wages and helpers. I’ve worked alone for so long, my ideas may be archaic and need updating.
But I see two things…
1) Guys like me last. We have less overhead. More flexibility. We tend to have less debt. Less pressure. Trying to secure work to keep employees busy may mean cutting into margins = profit = giving away work just to keep people. $20.00 per hour for 4 hours per day won’t keep your “lead person” around for long. And you may bid work you just don’t want. But we’re not rich either.
2) There are crews that are large…and in this arena that means (3) trucks and maybe (5) employees. Insurance. Workers’ Comp. Fuel. And they make it. One crew has. Many trucks. Stipiping in other counties. A warehouse. Etc. However there’s always the story of someone who borrows to make payroll. Figure interest on that money.
Bottom line. I want everyone to make more than me. I want everyone to be debt free. Decide for yourself where you are. Decide for yourself what risks are acceptable…and how quickly you want to get “somewhere”. Have a plan to back peddal. An exit strategy.
For me?…If you have a good solid living. If you’re buying batting lessons for you daughter…music lessons for your son…you may have found your niche. There’s nothing wrong with sailing an even keel.
But for you…the answer may lie somewhere within the category of defining goals.
Last…I am not the authority here. I know how to stripe. I know what’s worked for me. So…if you have input…I’m all ears. I’d love to hear…others may want to hear also…what are you paying? Are there different scales you may use for different jobs. (Not everyone can Layout.) Do you borrow to make payroll?. Do you layoff?
Me?…I hire a 20 year old when I think I need him. I pay him more than $20.00 per hour. But I use him for a day or two. He loves the extra cash. Sometimes he only drives my truck.
Let me hear from you.