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Hey Lineman
How are you? The best way I could answer pricing is to first send you to a post titled…”pricing a striping job”.
In that post I mentioned overhead…and competition. I also mention some numbers that may get you started.
In a quick answer though, concerning lay outs…it’s time. It takes more time. Cover that cost. At least.
Let me answer this post now, a little differently. I hope the (2) posts together can help.
My overhead is me. And…there isn’t a job I can’t do.
My competition is any number of companies in my well known large, metropolis town. Lineman…I can beat them on price and…I hesitate to say this…on quality too. I think what happens is this…turnover occurs. So…when a new person grabs the bars…sometimes it gets a little squirrley. Also…companies with 3-6 people need to get work. They bid low…to keep people busy…I don’t. The down side is this…no snapping…sometimes = let’s get going…let’s hurry…the faster we go the more the owner makes…and there’s alot of work because the bids are low. So…rookies go fast. I don’t. Don’t get me wrong…there are good crews too…but I’m quick and I do great work. I want you to be the same.
Lineman…here’s my point…bid it like you see it. Ignore everybody else. YES…your bid will be close…but do not try to be the cheapest in town. Ask yourself a question…if you hired a plumber, would it be on price alone? YEEEES…his price should be in line. But he should be able to speak to you…talk a little bit…I don’t want some hoaky sales pitch but I do look for someone who explains a little …let’s me know it’ll be taken care of, etc. If you’re that kind of person…you have pricing power.
That said…I can’t just say…hey bid 20 cents or 30 cents…but figure your overhead…what ever that is. Paint? Gasoline to the job? Insurance divided into the number of jobs. (Do you work 8 mos.? 12 mos.?) Do you work alone? Are you the only guy within 30 miles? Do you pay into Workers’ Comp.? I do. Do you have 1 million in insurance? 2 million? I do. Then look at the additional time…especially if you have a helper. Cover that cost.
Lineman…read that other post and figure up a bid. Tell your customer…I’ll lay it out…I’ll snap every line…they’ll be lined up, parallel, same length. It’ll take me 3-4 hours. It’ll be bone dry before I leave. I’ll work after hours. You’ll come to work in a couple days and see it done. $400.00. I’ll send an invoice. You’ll get it in a couple days. I’d love to be paid in 10 days. Hand ’em a bid. It doesn’t have to be elaborate…something from Quick Books is fine.
Let me know if these (2) posts helped. I hope so.
Your friend.