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Hey Steve
…no laughin’ here.
Everybody was a rookie.
I think that there are (2) types of machines that dominate the industry.
1) The conventional. Tried, true, tested. Maker?…= JCL Equipment Co.
2) The airless. Probably has a bigger piece of the market. Makers include Graco, Titan.
There’s always room for discussion here…but these are the (2) types and the big boy mfg’s.
A starting cost is somewhere around $3200.00. And there’s your answer.
In other words…no $75.00 stuff. If you’re going to Re-stripe your own parking lot…don’t buy anything…just hire it out.
But…if you’re looking to make some extra money on the side with hopes of growing…and you will…spend $3200.00-$4000.00 on a machine.
Next…on this site I gave a “list of sorts” under Striping Equipment. Read that. It’s good. It compares these (2) machines.
When you do…you’ll see that I may guide you toward the conventional. It’s a great machine. User friendly…especially for the rookie…using oil based paint…on “Re-stripes”.
So…I think the answer to your question is this…narrow the field to (2) types. Explore these machines.
Evaluate what your “market” will “probably” be. (More than likely you’ll approach an owner or property manager and ask if you can “Re-stripe” the lot. Just you, after hours, and probably use oil based paint. I’d use the conventional.) And decide.
Last…I bought a conventional in 1993. I used it for 3rd shift, Re-stripes using oil based paint. Then I switched to latex Paint and sprayed over fresh seal coat on a second shift. When that got too old…I bought my airless; a Titan. I use both almost daily.
So…let’s do this…you explore a website or 2. Gather info…gather questions…and let’s talk again.