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Hey Don
Yes…that’s a book…follow the link…if you’re interested.
I also offered a comparison between 2 popular striping machines.
It’s here on this site.
I’m thinking under $4000.00 out the door for either machine…but check me on that.
As far as the $100.00 price…that is entirely up to you. But you’ve introduced the “minimum charge” topic.
Sometimes these are more lucrative than seemingly bigger jobs simply because the paint needs are so minimal. If you offer $100.00 and have 10 lines…you’ll use a half gallon of paint…but you’ve driven to purchase it and driven to the job twice = once to bid and again to work. That may equal $10.00 – $20.00. The rest is yours…after the tax man cometh and taketh away! Calculate some of that. Again…it is entirely up to you…and we agree on the aerosol spray = stay away…use a real striping machine and command higher prices.