Pavement Layers solved a problem in the pavement maintenance & construction industry by creating a simple way to create, measure, manage and track proposals that win more work. A team of pavement industry experts of more than 25 years has created Pavement Layers, stay tuned for more helpful developments.

“Our software was built to make your life easier as well as that of your customers and crew. Weather you are a one man show or have a team of 30 sales people, we created our simple pavement software experience to help you win more work, says Michael Barrett who created Pavement Layers as well as the recently launch ipad Measuring & Marking tool WheelitOff.”

“Innovation with real tools for real companies has been non existent for more that 25 years specific to this industry.” After using gis measuring tools more than 11 years ago in the pavement industry, Barrett's expertise with technology in the pavement industry enabled him to work for and create the goiPave brand from a blank sheet of paper with the then founder and President, Grant Gibson. Mr. Gibson has moved on to different entrepreneurial paths , while Michael has clearly created a game changer in the pavement services industry with Pavement Layers and his WheelitOff ipad Online Measuring & Marking Tool.

Pavement Layers is a cloud based tool built by pavement experts that allows any user connected to the internet to create amazing proposals 90% faster and closing more work with more profit. “With no software to install and almost no learning curve, most of our users are up and running producing, editing and emailing proposals in less than 2 hours”, said the Development Designer at Pavement Layers.

“I am a growing contractor with more than $3 mill in revenue in Akron, Ohio. In less than 1 hour my team was up and running with PavementLayers; producing far better proposals and closing more work faster in the pavement maintenance & construction industry! I was stuck in the rut of producing copy and paste proposals in Word & Quickbooks that took a lot of time to create, edit and then try to add in images from my online measuring tool….forget about it!

The time it took to create proposals was reduced from 1 hour to less than 2 minutes. Now I have proposals that are amazing with uploaded images showing all the repairs, paving & sealcoating as well as work schedule, it rocks! Not only is PavementLayers faster and more accurate, the proposals look and speak the language of commercial property managers and owners,” said Bob Roth of Asphalt Solutions.

Pricing is from $1,500/user/year and Pavement Layers offers a 14-day Free Trial See for yourself how to create proposals 90% faster and increase win rates by more than 40%.

For more information or to set up an online demonstration, please contact PavementLayers.com Today.