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Advertising at Paveman Pro offers exceptional on-line marketing value for companies targeting asphalt pavement maintenance contractors. Over the last 4 years we have become one of the web's best resources for both pavement maintenance novices and seasoned professionals. Email us at .

Paveman Pro Advertising FAQ

Is advertising with Paveman Pro expensive?

Of course that depends on your budget, but the short answer is "no". We have very reasonable rates for the amount of traffic we receive. In fact, in most cases you can advertise with Paveman Pro for an entire year for less that a couple months in a magazine. Download the rates and see for yourself.

Should advertising on Paveman Pro take the place of our print ads in pavement industry magazines?

No. If advertising in print publications is a part of your current marketing strategy, by all means continue. Web advertising is really a different beast and comparing print and web is like comparing apples to oranges. I strongly believe that marketing on the web should be an essential part of any company's marketing plan these days because folks search for everything on the web – especially when making a decision to purchase something. According to Business-to-Business Magazine 93% of B2B purchaes begin online.

My business is failing, can advertising on Paveman Pro save it?

No. We don’t make grandiose claims that advertising on Paveman Pro will rock the pavement world and change the course of your business. However, Paveman Pro is an excellent place to expose your brand to thousands of asphalt pavement contractors on a monthly basis. Consistently doing so will help create awareness of your company in the minds of our visitors. When the time comes for them to look for a product or service you offer, they will no doubt think of your company. That’s just how advertising works!

How will I know if my advertisement is doing well?

Paveman Pro uses a state-of-the-art “ad server” that records all data associated with it. It records how many times your ad is shown – “impressions” – and the number of times someone clicks on it – “clicks”. That information is available to you upon request at any time throughout your ad campaign.

How can I get people to click on my ads? I want them to go to my site.

Often times companies will run ads on the web and expect to receive a high number of clicks-throughs to their web site -- only to be disappointed. Keep in mind, however, folks aren't usually going to leave the web site they are on unless your ad gives them good reason. For example, if I run an ad that says “The new Model Z432 Asphalt Paver, Best Paver Ever”, you really haven't given anyone a reason to check it out. After all, what’s in it for them? If you say, “Increase your Paving Production Today with our Free Asphalt Paving Guide”, that might inspire a few people to leave Paveman Pro to get the guide. Once on the site you give them a guide and incorporate how your new Z432 model can increase their asphalt production. There’s a million ways to do something like this, but hopefully you get the point. If it’s “clicks” your after be sure to give them a reason to click through to your site and deliver exciting goods when they get there. It builds trust, they will love you and it will give you the results you’re looking for.

I don’t care if people “click through” to our site, I just want them to see our brand and products.

Absolutely! This is a totally valid approach to advertising on the web. This approach is a lot like advertising in a magazine or on a billboard. You put your brand where your target market is and keep it there. You’re in front of them at every turn. Paveman Pro is great for this because thousands of pavement contractors visit our site on a monthly basis. WIth this approach you will be more concerned with the number of “impressions” your ad makes in a given month than the number of "clicks" your ad receives.

What do you mean by a “rotating ad” or a “non-rotating ad”?

These are terms you will see when you review the ad rate card. A rotating ad shares a space with up to 2 other advertisements. We do not run more than 3 ads in a given space at any one time. Everytime the page is refreshed it changes the ad being shown, rotating between all ads repeatedly. A “non-rotating” ad space displays only 1 advertisement. We offer non-rotating ads on our calculator pages so that your ad shows to every visitor that uses that calculator. Our calculator pages are some of the most visited pages on our site.