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Neyra Industries Introduces Cool Weather Formula Sealers, Extending the Sealcoating Season

Tarconite and PaveShield Cool Weather Formula coatings, manufactured by Neyra Industries, Inc., were specifically designed to give contractors a way to extend their sealcoating season.  The coatings will perform to the same high standards that Tarconite, Neyra’s coal tar based sealer and PaveShield, Neyra’s asphalt based sealer, have sustained over the years, but will do so in cooler weather.

The New Terex RS446D Reclaimer Stabilizer Boasts Improvements

OKLAHOMA CITY, August 23, 2012 – The new Terex RS446D Reclaimer/Stabilizer features a powerful 415 hp (309 kW) diesel engine that meets stringent Tier 4i and Stage IIIB emissions standards. The new engine configuration improves fuel efficiency over previous RS446 models and reduces noise levels to the operator’s ear by 5 dBA for improved operator comfort. With the machine’s two-stage engine drive and three-speed cutter transmission that increases break-out force, the RS446D rivals the performance of 500-hp-class machines, while saving up to 30 percent on fuel costs. 

2 Tips For Asphalt Sealcoating

Quick Tip #1: High Humidity Curing Times—During the hotter summer months curing times really slow down due to high humidity.  Give your sealer as much time as possible between coats and before opening to traffic.

Maintaining the New Pavement Safety Edge

The Federal Highway Administration is currently encouraging initiatives for new paving to include a Safety Edge to reduce crashes when vehicles leave the pavement and try to return.  The FHWA has currently joined agencies with 20 different states to promote this program and interest is growing.


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