Paving professionals fill many mission critical roles. What comes first? Are you sales manager? Estimator? Operations manager? Perhaps at the top of the list — you need to be a meteorologist.

DAF Scale Factors

A simple look out the window in the morning can’t provide the information you need to organize your work day. Is it raining? Is it cold? Don’t throw your hands up in defeat and postpone that critical project yet another full day.

Turn instead to Professional Pavement Products. With its exclusive weather forecasting tool designed for the paving industry, you can effectively decide when to and, more importantly, when not to apply pavement sealer or paint

With the exclusive DAF (Driskell Application Factoring) Scale, from Professional Pavement Products you can confidently consider whether to send out your crews.

“In the nearly 20 years I have worked in this industry I have been asked repeatedly what is good weather for sealcoating or striping,” says Greg Driskell, president of Professional Pavement Products. “The industry has never had a scale or barometer to identify the good or bad conditions for putting down sealer and paint. Now when there are questions about application, our customers can go first to the DAF Scale. This is your local weather forecast on steroids!”

You don’t have to be in this industry long before you get that dreaded call from your crew, “Boss, the rain came out of nowhere and it looks like we are going to have to redo this job.” Or worse yet from your customer: “We’ve got tar tracked all over the place. You need to get down here right away.” These washouts and even tracking can be avoided by applying the materials under the correct weather conditions.

The DAF Scale’s proprietary calculation of precise conditions at three hour increments throughout the day can save you thousands of dollars in materials and man hours.

You know the science. The more saturated the air the longer the dry time. But there are other important factors that must be considered. The DAF Scale tracks and weighs humidity, temperature, cloud cover, wind speed and rain probability and produces an easy-to-understand color and numerical code. The DAF Scale even recognizes that one factor can shut the entire job down even when all the other conditions are optimum. This data is helpful every day, year-round, but it is particularly valuable during those months with the most changeable weather – the borderline months.

“Maybe this morning stinks weather-wise, but by noon the rain is gone and the temperature is right,” says Driskell. “There is money to be made in identifying these windows of opportunities. This is another free tool from Professional Pavement Products to put more profit in your pocket and reduce the chance of seeing it wash down the drain…literally”

Currently the DAF Scale is available online for the cities of the six Professional Pavement Products locations. “We will soon expand this to cities within our regions, then major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. But our ultimate goal is to make this dynamic, allowing you to enter the zip code of any town or city” says Driskell. You can download your DAF Scale for the day at the Professional Pavement Products web site or drop by the location closest to you and check out the visual display of the DAF Scale. You can also sign up for a free email distribution list that is sent out every evening for the available cities.

Which City will be next to have the DAF Scale? The choice may be yours! Request the DAF for your city.

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