Cleform’s Direct Fire Melter Applicator Part Number 704987 has a ten gallon capacity and is one of the easiest and most effective ways to apply hot or cold crack sealants. Hundreds of pounds of material can be applied daily by one person. Accepts 30 lb. blocks of sealants. Unit comes complete with everything you need for crack sealing except the propane bottle.

Comes standard with one burner torch assembly, hose, regulator, igniter, temperature gauge and hand agitator. Dual levers allow the operator to control the screed shoe and flow value with one hand. Optional screed widths are available. The 704987 is easy to operate and will give you professional results every time.

Overall Length : 47 inches
Overall Height : 36 inches
Overall Width : 27 inches
Weight : 110 pounds
Capacity : 10 gallons

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