Quick Tip #1: High Humity Curing Times

During the hotter summer months curing times really slow down due to high humidity. Give your sealer as much time as possible between coats and before opening to traffic.

Quick Tip #2: Summer Clean Up

Now is the time to check the top of your tanks for dried sealer.  Sealer will build up during the season to the tops of tanks and then start falling off into your liquid as your equipment travels down the highway.  The easiest way to remove the dried sealer is to hold a mirror inside your tank then use a flashlight to illuminate the top of the tank.  Use a long handled scraper to loosen the coating and if possible place a thin piece of plywood underneath the loosened material to keep the dried sealer from falling into your tank.  On larger tanks unfortunately you will have to fish the trash out with shovels, or climb into the tank for some very dirty work.  Use all safety precautions possible if you have to enter a tank.

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